Apple medicinal properties

Health benefits of apple



  • Anti-inflammatory of the digestive tract: In case of inflammation of stomach, intestines or of the urinary canals. (Decoctión of pieces of apple during 15 minutes in a liter of water. Take three glasses every day)
  • Anti-acid: Its content in pectins, as well as the influence of the glycine, that is a natural antiacid makes it very suitable to stop stomach acidity. It is enough to eat some apple pieces and we will immediately notice a great lightening, thus a continuous ingestion becomes a good substitute of other chemical products. Very useful for gastritis diet, hiatal hernia or in case of nausea or vomiting diet.


Apple fruit

  • Antidiarrheal and soft laxative: Although it seems contradictory its high content in pectins turn it into a good regulator of the intestinal tract, so a soft laxative in cases of constipation, specially when we eat it early in the morning.

At the same time the absorbent value of the pectins makes ideal in cases of colitis, diarrhoea, gastroenteritis and in all those cases in that a too abundant and soft defecation is produced.

  • Anti flatulence: The pectin contained in apples is a good regulator of the intestine. Promotes expulsion of stool and prevents waste decomposition responsible for intestinal flatulence. (Eat apples abundantly) The apple cider vinegar helps prevent intestinal gas formation (Mix two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with two teaspoons of honey in a glass of water. Sip it after meals)
  • Diuretic and depurative: It favors the elimination of corporal liquids, being very suitable in case of obesity and rheumatic diseases. By its content in cysteine and arginine, as well as the malic acid, it is very appropriate to eliminate the toxins that are stored in the body and that, besides fighting or preventing the diseases previously mentioned, should be recommended in affections like uric acid, gout, arthritis, urticaria, and for the treatment of kidney related diseases, such as kidney stones or kidney failure.
  • Anticatarrh: In case of bronchitis or cough, as well as loaded chest, the plant contains expectorant values (Infusion of 15gr.of dry flowers by liter of water. Take three glasses a day)
  • Anticholesterol: Methionine and a high content in phosphorus is fundamental to keep cholesterol under control.
  • Anti-cancer: Because of the presence of antioxidants components, it protect the digestive system from cancer.


Baked apple properties

  • Hypotensive: The vasodilator value of the histidine makes it a good ally to reduce blood pressure in case of hypertension. (Infusion of a teaspoon of dry flowers and leaves. Let it rest 10 minutes and drink two glasses a day)
  • Sedative: Because of its phosphorus content, it is a food with sedative values, very adapted to take it before going to sleep, which aids to sleep better.
  • Febrifuge: In order to reduce fever (Decoction of 60 gr. by liter of water during 15 minutes. Strain and take 2 glasses a day)
  • Hearing loss: Apple vinegar has very beneficial properties to the health of the ear because it is rich in potassium magnesium, zinc and manganese. Being deficient in one of these minerals can cause deafness. Apple also moisturizes and regenerates the mucous membranes so it can aid to combat the problems of the inner ear due to excessive dryness.

It is also very rich in vitamin A with antioxidant effects well suited to prevent the action of free radicals that can facilitate hearing sclerosis. (Mix a Tsp cider vinegar with a spoonful of honey per cup of water. Take three glasses a day during the three main meals. If you notice heartburn, lower the dose)

To treat Meniere’s disease mix two teaspoonfuls of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. Drink a couple of glasses a day divided into the two main meals for a month.

  • Hay fever: Apple cider vinegar is used to stop the production of mucus. (4 tablespoons per cup three times daily for 3 or 4 days. Then gradually reduce to zero, little by little.)
  • Quit smoking: Cure on apples can help make tobacco smoke not pleasant (Eat only a couple of kilos of apples for two or three days)


  • Skin sagging: Apple juice is used for massaging flaccid areas (Mix half a cup of apple juice with half a glass of melon juice. Massage the soft tissues.
  • Rosacea: Wash the face before going to sleep with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in a glass of water.
  • Food odor: Dilute half a litter of apple vinegar in a bowl of water. Take foot baths. Rinse with cold water and dry your feet well
  • Brittle nails: Nail baths in apple cider vinegar helps strengthen them and prevent breakage.
  • Sjogren’s syndrome: Apple juice stimulates the production of saliva.
  • Hematomas: Mix a quarter cup of vinegar in a liter of hot water. Wet a towel with this liquid and apply on the affected area for 15 minutes several times each day.

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1 May, 2021

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