Walnut cultivation

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Juglans regia


Characteristics of the plant



April – May. Flowers in hanging catkins til 15 cm. Aromatic leaves pinnato – lobate till 9cm with elliptic leaflets. Fruit in drupe – nut- that matures at the end of summer. It reaches 30 m.


It needs abundant watering or to be planted in humid areas.

gardening pot

Gardens and park, being a tree that provides good shade and for its majestic appearance and, mainly for its fruits that are eatable, as well as for the production of industrial oil. The wood is used in carpentry.


Sun, tolerates the shade. It is very resistant to the freezes, although the tender shoots and the very young samples are prone to freeze in the late colds.


By means of fresh seeds in autumn.


Fertile, deep soil, loamy with a good drainage.

Another species of “Juglans

Juglans ailanthifolia —————- Japanese walnut

Juglans californica —————……………

Juglans cathayensis —————………….

Juglans cinerea —————— White walnut

Juglans hindsii ——————– Nothern Californian black walnut

Juglans intermedia ————-……………

Juglans major ——————— Arizona walnut

Juglans mandschurica —————……………

Juglans microcarpa ——————- ……………..

Juglans nigra ————————– Black walnut, American walnut

Juglans sinensis——————…………….

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22 April, 2019

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