Nutrition and dietetics for children

Study of healthy eating

What is nutrition?

Nutrition is an involuntary act that includes the processes that occur in the organism after the ingestion of a food.

For this, it is analyzed how the components of the food, called nutrients, are absorbed and used in order for the organism to function, grow and move.

Those responsible for nutrition are the digestive organs, which are found in the digestive system, such as the stomach or intestines.

What is dietetics?

nutricion definicion niños

Nutrition is an involuntary process that the body makes to take advantage of the nutrients in food.

Dietetics is the science that studies and develops an optimal diet plan adapted to the needs of people, based on the study of nutrition and the combination of different food groups.

The purpose of dietetics is that there is no lack of nutrients and that the organism can grow and function healthily.

Dietetics also takes into account the way food is prepared. For example, a steamed food is not the same as the same food fried with oil.

When frying foods, they lose many vitamins and have many more calories.

What is diet?

The set of eating habits and lifestyle is called diet. For example, the Mediterranean diet is a way of life and food shared by the countries of the Mediterranean basin.

Definition of nutrition for children

Would you know how to differentiate and give examples of each of the concepts? You can help with the definitions.

What is feeding?

Feeding are all those actions that allow the introduction of food to the body.

A good diet depends on many factors. For example, if we are taught nutrition education at school, we will know how to choose and better combine the foods in our diet and we will have a good diet.

What is the food pyramid?

The food pyramid is a visual scheme that aims to illustrate how healthy eating should be. Here is the pyramid of healthy eating for children:

piramide nutricional niños
Food pyramid for children. Do you dare to draw your own?

how to draw a food pyramid

Explanation of food pyramid

Meaning of the food pyramid

There are many types of pyramids, with some variations between them, although they are all very similar:

  • The main food groups appear, which are the ones that provide nutrients.
  • The frequency of recommended consumption for each group of foods is indicated.
  • Includes healthy lifestyle guidelines, such as exercising or drinking water.

nutrients characteristics

Characteristics of nutrients

child feeding course sign

Child feeding course index

punto rojo More information on nutrition.

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4 February, 2020

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