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Nutrition and dietetics for children and schools


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Learning to eat properly should be a compulsory subject in class and an obligation that parents should in still in their children. A proper diet is what provides the necessary nutrients for good physical and mental growth

Nutrition and dietetics school material for children

This unit is dedicated to the knowledge of nutrition and dietetics for children. Knowing how to eat properly is necessary to enjoy good health.

The main objective is to present the main characteristics of child nutrition in a pleasant and understandable way:

  • How many nutrients are there? What properties do they have?
  • What foods are good to eat and which ones are best avoided?
  • What is a healthy diet? How should we eat breakfast? How to make a complete menu?

Nutrition and dietetic activities and tests for children

In each of the pages will be added a series of activities to reinforce the content learned, in the form of tests, drawings and summaries.

  • Equally interesting is this unit as a child and youth feeding guide for parents and educators.

Index of contents of infant feeding

Below we show the contents of our section of nutrition for children and youth for schools. It is an open index, to which new contents and activities can be added:

didactic material on nutrition and dietetics for children

Online didactic material on nutrition and dietetics for children

Nutrition and dietetics agenda for children

The agenda that will be studied in this topic is the following:

punto rojo More information on nutrition.

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3 March, 2020

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