Occasional food in the children’s diet

Foods that should be hardly eaten

What are occasional and moderate foods?

Sweets and other goodies

Sweets and other goodies contain a lot of sugar and should only be eaten in small quantities and not very often

Occasional consumption foods are those that should be eaten infrequently. That is, those foods that we should only include in the diet from time to time.

Foods that should be eaten from time to time in the diet

In addition to eating them infrequently, we should eat them moderately, that is, in small quantities.

Why are some foods considered occasional and moderate?

Because they contain too much fat, saturated fat or other nutrients that we must restrict. For example, a frequent use of foods with too much fat can turn us into obese people.

occasional food in the diet

Many people consume food for occasional consumption on a daily basis or almost, which has become a worrying public health problem.

  • If we abuse foods with saturated fats, we can harm the health of the heart or arteries.

  • If we usually take salty foods we can increase blood pressure too much, etc.

What foods should be of occasional and moderate use?

Chorizos, salami, mortadella, sobrassada, etc. contain many saturated fats and a high amount of salt. Its consumption should be moderate and occasional

List of foods that should be eaten very infrequently

Among the foods that we should eat very occasionally we have the following:

  • Foods with saturated fats: All types of sausages (blood sausages, longanizas, fuet, chorizo, bologna, chopped, salami…)

  • Fatty meat

  • Sugars and refined sugars: pastries, sweets, soft drinks, cola, sugar, honey.

  • Snacks and industrial pastries: hooks, chips, sticks, fried nuts, palm trees, chocolates.

  • Margarines, butters

  • Wine or beer: Only adults should drink wine or beer in a moderate way (100 ml of wine or a glass and 200 ml of beer or a 1/5 bottle)

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Characteristics of nutrients

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22 April, 2019

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