Bad food for ulcerative colitis

Forbidden food for ulcerative colitis


Some foods are not suitable due to their fiber content, or by their irritating nature. Others, however, have been shown to have very negative effects on the gut.

alimentos prohibidos dieta colitis ulcerosa
Some poorly tolerated food by people with ulcerative colitis

Which are the poorly tolerated foods for ulcerative colitis?

Among the poorly tolerated foods, we have the following:

  • Whole grains: They contain too high amounts of insoluble fiber, which normally produce adverse reactions, especially during the outbreaks of this disease. Nor are other whole breakfast cereals suitable (wheat bran, oat bran or the like).

Sometimes cereals with gluten can cause flatulence, so it is advisable to avoid taking wheat bread when pain or diarrhea.

  • Cereals provide high vitamin B complex quantities, but whole cereals are not recommended because they can cause digestive irritation. Rice is the most suitable cereal.
  • Vegetables: They are very rich in fiber and can be difficult to digest, besides being flatulent, especially if not eaten very cooked.

Food such as peas, chickpeas, or beans should be eaten with caution, overcooked, and always after having tried the patient’s tolerance.

  • Fatty meats: They produce inflammation and mucus in the intestine of these patients. They shoud be avoided. Among them: sausages, pates, bacon, mortadella, salami, etc.
  • Lamb meat, pork and duck are also rich in fat.
  • Lean beef or skinless chicken can be eaten cooked, but they are inadequate when fried. These meats are adequate to supply the deficiency of vitamin B12.

Tolerance to ham, both sweet or salty, and York type should be proved. If slices of turkey, chicken or ham are consumed, seek those brands containing 0% fat.

Harmful foods for ulcerative colitis

Harmful food for the intestine are:

  • Alcoholic beverages: alcoholic beverages have to be avoided because alcohol is irritating to the intestines, and can also interfere with the effects of medication. The best drink is water. Besides water, you can drink apple juice.
  • Stimulants: such as coffee, guarana and cocoa are discouraged
  • Condiments: spicy condiments (pepper, paprika, etc) should be avoided, although other spices like bay leaf, thyme, salt and parsley can be used.
  • Sweets: Sweets products rich in whole milk derivatives (pasta with cream, ice cream, toffees, pastry cakes, etc.) shall not be included in the diet of these patients. Sugar or honey can be used to sweeten foods.

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26 December, 2021

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