Diet for food allergy

Food for food allergy

How should the allergy diet be?

To carry out a balanced diet, in the case of suffering from any food allergy, we proceed to withdraw from the consumption of:

  • The food or foods that cause this effect. For example, if you have a milk allergy, you should eliminate milk from your diet.
  • All food derivatives. For example, in the case of allergy to cow’s milk, not only the milk but all its derivatives should be eliminated, such as yogurt, cheese, custard, cream, butter, etc.
  • All manufactured products that contain the food in question as an ingredient. Once again, in the case of milk allergy, in addition to eliminating milk and its dairy derivatives, those foods that may contain milk, such as buns, ice cream, milk chocolate, etc., will be eliminated.

Foods that can cause allergies

Due to the danger of eating foods that can cause allergies, people with this ailment should pay special attention to:

If a person is allergic to milk, they should not eat cheese, yogurt or products that contain milk.

Can the food that caused allergy be reintroduced?

Depending on the age at which the allergy appears and the type of food that causes it, the specialist will evaluate if there is any possibility of reintroducing the food in the future and always under supervision, control and hospital admission.

Although it is true that in some cases, some babies and young children have tolerated the reintroduction of some foods, which previously caused allergies, it is not achieved with all people.

When the allergy appears in adulthood, it does not go away.

¡You should never take a food to which you are allergic to check that it is still causing allergies! Small amounts of the food can be deadly.


vegetable drink
When a person is allergic to one food, they can replace this food with another. Soy milk is a good substitute for milk of animal origin.

Later: Substitute the food that generates allergy

But it is not enough to eliminate the food, as long as possible, they will be replaced by others that do not cause allergies and that provide us with the same nutrients, texture, usefulness, etc. than the food removed (or as similar as possible)

An example of substituting a food that generates allergies can be to change the consumption of milk and its derivatives, for the consumption of vegetable products enriched with calcium, such as soy drinks, rice, oats, almonds, … and desserts made from these.

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This article was endorsed by Elisenda Carballido - Dietitian nutritionist. Postgraduate in Phytotherapy and master in Nutrition and Metabolism.
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22 June, 2021

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