Exclusion diet for milk protein allergy

Previous diet to know if a person is allergic to milk

Milk and dairies
Milk and dairies

Before starting with an exclusive diet for people with milk allergy, it is advisable to make sure that we are really allergic to milk protein. Sometimes it’s about allergies to other foods.

What is a milk protein exclusion diet?

To find out that we really suffer  a milk allergy, we will use an exclusion diet.

How to carry a  milk protein exclusion diet?

This diet introduces a few foods that, traditionally, do not usually produce allergic reactions, so they are considered “safe foods”. If after a few days of performing this diet, no reaction has occurred, other foods will be introduced, one by one, until observing which is the one that produces the adverse reaction.

In the specific case of the possibility of an allergy to milk or dairy products, the diet will begin with “safe” non-dairy foods. After a few days, if you have not had any problem, milk is introduced, to see how the body reacts.

Diet for allergy to milk and dairy products

Having ensured that the food that causes food allergy is not milk, we must continue with a diet aimed exclusively at the consumption of foods that  contain milk proteins, That is to say, foods such as milk and its derivatives.

Other products that may contain milk or milk products in their composition will also have to be taken into account (biscuits, ice-creams, pastries, etc)

punto rojoMore information on suitable and not suitable food for milk protein allergy .

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3 May, 2023

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