Essential oils for baldness or hair loss

Essential oils for hair loss

Baldness or hair loss is an anomaly that affects a large majority of men after a certain age. Women tend to suffer less, although the number of women with this

essential oils
Essential oils

problem is increasing.

What factors cause hair loss?

Many are the factors that can lead to baldness. In men it is usually a hereditary problem, while in women, certain abusive hair treatments can lead to the same problem (stretching, perms, dyes, etc.)

Other factors that contribute to its appearance are an inadequate diet, certain medical treatments (drugs, chemotherapy, etc.)

Greasy hair and the presence of dandruff are two very important elements that can stop hair growth or precipitate hair loss.

Essential oils are very suitable for treating baldness. In its composition they contain a series of principles that are capable of restoring normal hair conditions, preventing or delaying hair loss.

How are essential oils used for baldness?

We can apply:

Ideally, apply the lotion, cover the head to act on the scalp and then wash with a natural homemade shampoo or, where appropriate, with an anti-dandruff shampoo or an anti-seborrhea shampoo.

Main essential oils for baldness

We can use the essential oils of many plants. The main ones are the following:

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14 June, 2021

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