Juniper essential oil properties

Benefits and applications of juniper essential oil

Characteristics of juniper essential oil

Juniper (Juniperus communis) stands out for its sharp leaves, dark green above and with a white band on the underside, gathered in three whorls. Fruit in galgulus, green during the first year; bluish-dark at maturity that occurs after two or three years.

Juniper essential oil is extracted by distillation of fruits, wood and leaves. The one that is extracted from the leaves and wood is of higher quality although it is usually less pure and, therefore, it is better to use the essential oil obtained  from the fruits.

What is  juniper essential oil like?

Drawing of the plant
  • It is a balsamic oil, rich in monoterpenes (pinene, limonene, sabinene and others)
  • Its color is white or yellowish and has a smell of turpentine.

Medicinal properties of juniper essential oil

  • Very suitable for the treatment of skin abnormalities and for joint pain.
  • Stimulates metabolism and presents stimulating effects.
  • It stimulates the immune system and has diuretic effects.
  • Detoxifying
  • Restore psychic balance.
  • Ideal for baths and massages.

Main  medicinal uses of juniper essential oil

Other uses of juniper essential oil

  • It used in the manufacture of cosmetic products, soap, insecticide products and detergents.
  • It is widely used for making beverages (especially gin) and food.
  • The application of this oil diluted in water in external use is used to eliminate fleas and ticks in dogs.

Juniper oil toxicity

In external use, when diluted it is not toxic (external use). It should NOT be used during pregnancy (abortive) or if there are kidney problems (Nephrotoxic)

The essential oil has the same contraindications as other essential oils of plants, among which it should not be used in pregnant women or children.

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28 November, 2019

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