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Common English name: Common violet, sweet violet, heartsease, pansy, wild violet, love-in-idleness.

Common name in other languages:

violet illustration
Illustration of the plant with roots, leaves and flowers

– Spanish / español: pensamiento, trinitaria, pincel, suegras y nueras.

– French / Français: Violette, flor de mars

– Catalan / Català: Viola

– Basque /Euskara: Bioleta

– Galego /Galician: Viola, violeta

– Portuguese / Português: Víolas-roxas, violetas-de-cheiro

– Italian / Italiano: Violetta, mammolina, viola mammola

– Romanian / Română:Toporaşi

– Magyar / Hungarian: Illatos ibolya

– Dutch /Nederlands: Maarts viooltje

– German / Deutsch: Duftveilchen, Wohlriechendes Veilchen, Märzveilchen

– Polish /Polski: Fiołek wonny

– Danish / Dansk: Martsviol

– Norwegian /Norsk bokmål: Marsfiol

– Finnish /Suomi: Tuoksuorvokki

– Swedish /Svenska: Luktviol

– Russian / Русский: Фиалка душистая

  • Scientific name: Viola tricolor L.

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21 April, 2021

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