Violet side effects

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Viola odorata L.


Violet flowers

Violet flowers

What side effects can common violet remedies have?

Usually, violet does not produce adverse or undesirable effects. Among the possible effects that can have, although they are unusual:

  • Contact dermatitis with the fresh plant.
  • Slightly laxative effect due to its fiber content, although in no case should be considered a laxative infusion
  • Some authors report that people who follow treatments with the plant can see an unpleasant smell of urine
  • In high doses it can be purgative because of its content in saponins (bitter principle more abundant in the root, and in smaller quantity, in the plant)
  • The root is emetic and can produce vomiting (it is used as a purgative remedy since it is emetic)

Violet in pregnancy and lactation

The safety of the plant during pregnancy and lactation is not known. Due to its content in saponins, especially the root, its ingestion is not recommended.

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23 November, 2020

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