Properties of essential oil of lavender

Benefits of lavender essential oil


Lavender plant profile

Currently, lavender is grown in abundance in several countries (UK, South of France, Tasmania, New Zealand and Bulgaria).

Fragrance of lavender oil varies according to altitude where it is grown.

High altitude oils are more sharp and with fresh aromas; low altitude are sweeter and softer.

Lavender fragrance profile

Generally soft, sweet and floral, camphor-like and a little sharp

Medicinal properties of lavender essential oil

Photo of lavender essential oil

Photo of lavender essential oil

  • Cleaner.

  • Stress releaser

  • Excellent restful for tired muscles

  • Healing, ideal for skin regeneration

What are the main uses of lavender essential oil?

Among the main uses, we have the following:

Toxicity and side effects of lavender essential oil

Therapeutic preparations of lavender essential oil generally have no contraindications.

The therapeutic dose consists on using from 2 to 4 drops. 2 to 3 times daily, diluted in water, other oils or sugar

Used in higher doses is toxic and can be fatal.

Symptoms of poisoning with lavender esential oil

The first manifestations are central nervous system excitation with possible hallucinations.

This state may change into a depressive phase dominated by its narcotic effects. At this stage there is and increase of heart rate and respiratory parameters.

The final effects can range from a simple headache to nausea, vomiting or other gastrointestinal problems, convulsions and death from cardiac arrest.

Doses higher than 1 g, of the essential oil produces general anesthesia.

Is external use of lavender essential oil safe?

Topical application of essential oil may cause some people sensitive eczema or contact dermatitis.

It is advisable to carry out small tests to determine tolerability.

Never use lavender essential oil directly onto the skin. This should be diluted with water or other oils.

Contraindications of lavender essential oil

The use of essential oil is contraindicated in:

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