Lavender side effects

Consequences of taking lavender preparations

What side effects may lavender have?

Lavender essential oil can worsen the symptoms of people who have intestinal problems such as colitis, Crohn’s disease or irritable bowel syndrome disease with the appearance of a whining diarrhea, bloating and even blood in the stool.

Lavender essential oil can increase attacks in people with epilepsy or tremors in people with Parkinson’s.

What other negative symptoms may occur with the intake of lavender essential oil?

The main symptoms that can cause an allergy of lavender essential oil are the following:

Reactions in the digestive tract such as intestinal gas, diarrhea, stomach pain..

Skin reactions such as dermatitis, itching, watery eyes, dry mouth or a lot of saliva..

Body aches: head pain, muscle aches, backaches,..

Other possible reactions: sneezing, chills, inability to concentrate, palpitations, etc.

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16 November, 2020

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