Lavender toxicity

Dangers of lavender

Can lavender be toxic?

In therapeutic doses preparations of lavender essential oil generally show no contraindications. (2-4 drops 2 to 3 times daily, diluted in water, oils or sugar)

Used in higher doses is toxic and can be fatal.

What are the symptoms of poisoning lavender essential oil?

The first manifestations are excitation of the central nervous system with possible hallucinations to move to a depressive phase in which narcotic effects tke place. In this stage increased heart rate and respiratory parameters) occurs.

The final effects can range from a simple headache to nausea, vomiting or other gastrointestinal problems, seizures and death from cardiac arrest.

At doses above 1 g, essential oil produces general anaesthesia.

The topical use of essential oil can produce in sensitive persons eczema or contact dermatitis. It is advisable to make small tests to determine the tolerance to it.

Lavender essential oil should never be used directly on the skin. This must be diluted with water or other oils.

Why can lavender be toxic?

Photo of lavender essential oil

Photo of lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil is toxic because it has a number of toxic components. Among the harmful substances, we include the following:

  • Tannins
  • Camphor: emetic, irritant, convulsive
  • Coumarins: narcotic, emetic
  • Camphene: spasmolytic
  • caryophyllene: allergenic
  • Myrcene: irritating
  • Betapinene, alphapinene, alphaterpinene: spasmolytic, irritating
  • Betathujone: abortive
  • Betabisoboleno: abortifacient
  • Furfural: irritating
  • Limonene: photosensitizer, irritating
  • Geraniol: emetic, central nervous system stimulant
  • Borneol: Toxic and stimulant of the central nervous system.

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16 November, 2020

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