Essential oils for hair growth

Essential oils for your hair

Essential oils for hair care

hairWhen the hair grows little it can be a symptom that the scalp does not receive enough proteins, vitamins and minerals. Many times an incorrect wash with inappropriate shampoos or other applications, such as dyes, perms, stretching, etc., can be responsible for the same problem.

An adequate diet for the hair will include those principles that are necessary for you.

Essential oils are very suitable for hair growth because they stimulate circulation in the scalp and provide it with adequate nutrients so that it can grow naturally.

How are essential oils used for hair growth?

We can apply:

  • A hair growth lotion
  • A hair growth shampoo

The ideal is to apply the lotion, cover the head so that it acts on the scalp and, later, wash with the shampoo for dry hair.

Main essential oils for hair growth

We can use the essential oils of many plants. The main ones are the following:

punto rojo More information on hair

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2 August, 2022

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