Essential oils for dry hair

Essential oils for dry hair care

hairDry hair can be the result of an improper diet, with deficiencies in essential fatty acids or proteins.

The lack of certain vitamins, especially biotin or certain minerals, such as selenium or zinc, can cause the weight to appear dry, dull, rough to the touch. This makes it easier for it to break at the ends. Dry hair is not aesthetically pleasing hair because it is difficult to style.

Hair can become dry by removing the layer of natural oil from the scalp, something that can happen with frequent washing, when using unsuitable shampoos, dyes, discolorations, etc.

Essential oils are very suitable for treating dry hair. These oils can nourish the scalp and provide the fats that the hair will need to stay healthy.

How are essential oils used for dry hair?

We can apply:

The ideal is to apply the lotion, cover the head so that it acts on the scalp and, later, wash with the shampoo for dry hair.

Main essential oils for dry hair

We can use the essential oils of many plants. The main ones are the following:

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8 January, 2022

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