Kiwi for constipation

Is it good to eat kiwi when there is constipation?

Kiwi as a remedy for constipation

Kiwi is a fruit that stands out for its content in water (moisturizer), fiber and vitamin C (it is richer in this vitamin than lemon) and vitamin K. It also contains a digestive enzyme called actidin, which helps the digestion.

This fruit has become famous for its property to solve constipation:

Is it true that kiwi improves constipation? What do scientific studies say about it?

fiber cereals with kiwi

Photo of fiber cereals with kiwi. People with constipation often eat kiwi in the morning for constipation.

Composition of kiwi and its components for intestinal health

Kiwi is a fruit with properties to regulate intestinal activity, due to the type of fiber it contains, its acids, and the presence of different substances with an intestinal regulating effect.

Kiwi contains about 3-4 grams of fiber per 100g, a quantity considerably higher than other fruits, probably because it is consumed with the seeds. The type of fiber it contains is pectin and mucilage, two types of soluble fiber, with a gelatinous consistency, which have an intestinal regulating effect. The soluble fiber is able to retain water, hydrating and multiplying its volume, increasing the fecal bolus and stimulating intestinal movements, which favors the evacuation of feces.

Kiwi also contains acids, such as citric acid, with a mild laxative effect, especially when eaten on an empty stomach or in the early hours of the morning.

Remedies against constipation

As a remedy against constipation, it is usually recommended to consume a pectin-rich food on a regular basis, such as kiwi, apples, quince, pears, plums … Of course, the inclusion of these foods should be considered within a proper diet for constipation.

How to take kiwi for constipation?

Kiwi and other fruits are good for constipation in all its forms: fresh fruit or compote, sweet quince, dried fruit, …

Unlike what is usually recommended, it is not advisable to consume foods rich in fiber such as fiber “canes” (wheat bran) that are sold as breakfast cereals, as they are irritating.

Kiwis should be well chewed and accompanied by a good glass of water or non-laxative infusion (so that the water hydrates the fiber and exerts its effect.). Pectin, in addition to retaining water, is also able to capture certain components in the digestive tract, such as cholesterol, reducing its absorption, so this treatment will help lower cholesterol levels.

More good foods against constipation

In addition to the kiwis, you can also recommend some foods rich in fiber against constipation, among which the following stand out:


Prunes: Dry fruit and nuts are very rich in fiber foods.


Figs are fruit rich in fiber


Flax seeds are very rich in mucilage, to accelerate the intestinal rhythm and facilitate the evacuation.


Oats are a very complete cereal rich in fibers.


Photo of peas. Legumes, because of their high fiber content, are recommended for constipation.

yogur con nueces y platano

Yogurt is a food that provides probiotics. Walnuts are rich in insoluble fiber, which stimulates intestinal movement

Is kiwi contraindicated when there is diarrhea?

No, kiwi is not contraindicated for diarrhea either. Although it seems contradictory, the high pectin fiber content of kiwi makes it a good regulator of the intestinal system when there is diarrhea.

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This article was endorsed by Elisenda Carballido - Dietitian nutritionist. Postgraduate in Phytotherapy and master in Nutrition and Metabolism.
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20 October, 2021

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