Anthurium characteristics

Characteristics of anthurium as a gardening plant

What is anthurium?

Anthurium genus of plants comprises about 600 plants belonging to the Araceae family, which can be found in the tropics and subtropics of South America. They are plants related to anthurium genus: arum, Split-leaf philodendron, dragon lily, dumbcane or peace lily.

Anthurium flower (Anthurium andreanum “Leny”)

Generally, anthuriums have very showy leaves, oval or heart-shaped, whole or divided. Anthuriums are interesting in gardening for their leaves and, above all, for their flowers, especially for the color of their spathes, a kind of candle-shaped structure that surrounds the flowers, and which can be red, yellow, green, white, etc. (See attached photo of bright red Leny Anthurium).

The spathe surrounds the spadix, which is a cylindrical inflorescence formed by small flowers, which are grouped around a central axis. (In the photo above it is pink).

Anthurium andreanum is the most used species in gardening. Its name comes from Eduardo André who discovered it in 1870 in Colombia and Ecuador.

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23 December, 2021

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