Maca side effects

Possible adverse effects of peruvian maca

Why is maca used?

Maca is a Peruvian plant used since ancient times as revitalizing and remineralizing to treat anemia, chronic fatigue and increase energy. It also enhances endurance and physical performance of athletes.

Studies have also reported that increases memory and fertility.

Women use maca to treat menstrual problems and menopause symptoms. Maca is also used to prevent osteoporosis, depression, erectile dysfunction and increase sexual desire.

Has maca any side-effect?

No side effects have been reported when maca has been taken in the recommended doses. Most people tolerate this supplement very well.

Dose of Maca

Capsules: for the desired benefits of maca it is recommended to take between 1.5 and 3grams of maca daily, divided in three doses every day: start treatment supplementation with 0.5 g. (500mg.) of maca distributed at each main meal (3 capsules daily) for 30 days (1.5 g. Daily maca).

If desired, increase the dose to 1g. (1000mg.) of maca in three doses (3g. day).

Do not perpetuate supplementation for more than 3 months!

Supplement of maca

In the photo: supplement of maca

  • Scientific studies show that the daily dose of 1.5 g. is as effective as a treatment with 3g. maca daily.

– Maca as food: Maca is a food since ancient times, and can be used fresh as an ingredient in daily soups, stews and broths. Preparations in capsules usually contain maca extract, so that the fresh product has not such a concentration of medicinal compounds.

Maca during pregnancy and lactation

Maca is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation because it contains alkaloids (macamides) that can travel through the bloodstream and can reach the fetus. These components can also pass to the baby through mother’s milk.

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16 December, 2020

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