Maca toxicity

Is maca a poisonous plant?


As an edible food, maca is safe for most people and does not present serious toxicity problems. In high doses, it could produce some adverse effect, in sensitive people.

Can maca supplements be toxic?

Supplement of macaIn the photo: supplement of maca

No, Maca plant is not toxic to health when used in recommended amounts.

In large doses, maca contains substances present in all cruciferous plants (same family as mustard), called glucosinolates.

Glucosinolates are medicinal compounds, which, in high doses, are irritant and rubefacient.

Glucosinolates are also goitrogenic, meaning that large doses can have toxic effects on the thyroid gland.

However, in maca supplements or maca as food we do not find enough quantities of glucosinolates to cause toxic effects.

  • Scientific studies have confirmed the safety of maca as a food supplement for varieties of red, yellow and black maca.

Can maca be contraindicated?

Maca supplements may have some contraindications (More information).

punto rojoMore information on maca.

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16 December, 2020

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