Properties of carob chocolate

Health benefits of carob chocolate

What is carob chocolate?

Carob hot chocolate is a recipe without cocoa, which is very simple made from carobs that serves as a substitute of hot chocolate.

It is suitable, for example, when the stimulating effect of cocoa or as a natural sweet drink is not interesting.

Benefits of carob hot chocolate

Among the benefits that carob has, mainly in relation to cocoa, we can mention:

  • Carob is easy to digest, low in fat and protein. While cocoa contains 20% fat, carob has less than 1%
  • This type of chocolate improves digestive health because its antioxidant properties, its soluble fiber and its prebiotic effect
  • It is very rich in calcium. Two teaspoons of carob provide almost 100 mg of calcium, a considerable amount. In addition this calcium is accompanied by magnesium.

Has carob a lot of sugar?

Photo of carob hot chocolate

Photo of carob hot chocolate (without cocoa), prepared according to the recipe of this article

It is not true that the carob contains a lot of sugar and that it is harmful. Looking at the composition of the carob flour, we see that it contains almost half of sugars (45%), which might suggest that it is a sugar rich food. However, sugar from natural foods should not be confused with refined sugar.

Carob sugars are not harmful because they are accompanied by a very high fiber content (40%), which regulates the assimilation of carboydrates and causes a low glycemic index.

In addition, this same fiber helps to lower cholesterol and improve the composition of the microbiota or intestinal flora. For all this, it can be said that people with diabetes can eat carob daily.

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Photo of carob flour and pods

Photo of carob flour and pods


Ingredients for hot carob chocolate

  • 2 teaspoons of carob flour per cup
  • Vegetable drink enriched with calcium or milk

Preparation of the carob hot chocolate

  • Measure 1 cup of vegetable drink and pour practically all the liquid in a pot, which will be heated.
  • While heating the vegetable drink, dilute the carob aside, in a cup, with a little drink at room temperature or warmer. (If the milk is very cold it will be more difficult to dilute the carob, but in general, unlike cocoa, carob dissolves well in cold or temperate liquids, without causing lumps
  • Once we have diluted the carob, we pour it along with the milk, in the fire. To thicken carob it is best to heat it slightly (the fiber acquires a more gelatinous consistency when giving it temperature)
  • Reduce the intensity of the fire and stir until the desired thickness is reached.
  • At this time, some people add honey, cinnamon powder, sugar, maca powder, liquid stevia or other sweeteners, although it is not essential.

Cocoa with carob, doubly rich

hot chocolate from carob with cacao

Photo of hot chocolate from carob with cocoa

It is true that carob is very nutritious, but we can not forget the great properties of pure cocoa powder, which is very rich in magnesium, potassium and antioxidants.

For this reason, the combination of cocoa and carob is doubly rich and beneficial. Carob is the best natural sweetener we can add to a chocolate to the cup.

The ratio would be 2 teaspoons cocoa and 1 carob, although according to tastes, may vary.

Carob tree as a substitute for chocolate

Today, carob is used as a substitute for chocolate, as it is a sweet and delicious alternative, which lacks the stimulating properties of cocoa.

Cacao powder (left) and carob powder (right)

Cocoa powder (left) and carob powder (right)

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This article was endorsed by Elisenda Carballido - Dietitian nutritionist. Postgraduate in Phytotherapy and master in Nutrition and Metabolism.
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14 December, 2021

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