Properties of cheese

Benefits of cheese


What is cheese?

Cheese is a milk derivative.

It has the same color as its raw material, milk, that’s to say, it is white.

There are also varieties with yellow hues, orange or blue, because of the fungi they contain.

dibujo grande de pinchitos de queso tierno

Different types of cheese

Cheese texture may vary depending on many respects, such as time of cheese ripening, the processing system, whether obtained from whole or skim milk, whether it contains other added ingredients, etc..

Cheese has multiple flavors. In fact, each type of cheese has its characteristic taste and therefore, it is special and different.

What are the main nutrients of cheese? Composition of cheese

omposition cheese

As an energy source, 100 grams of cheese give us 103 calories.

Their proportion of nutrients are divided into:

Vitamins and minerals in cheese

dibujo grande de pinchitos de queso tierno

Drawing of fresh cheese (More food drawings)

Minerals in cheese: Cheese is a food rich in sodium, phosphorus, potassium and calcium, but it also provides us with selenium.

Vitamins in cheese: Cheese contains lot of vitamin D and vitamin A. It also contains small amounts of B vitamins (especially vitamin B12) and vitamin E.

Nutritional characteristics of cheese

  • Cheese has a high water content because it comes from fresh milk.
  • It gives us energy in the form of calories, which help us to maintain vitality.
  • It contains lot of fat.
  • It is high in protein.
  • It has a moderate carbohydrate content.


    Wooden utensils to make cheese at home

  • Cheese does not contain fiber.
  • It contains high amounts of sodium that keeps us hydrated.
  • It helps maintain our brain function, because it contains phosphorus.
  • Because of its calcium content, it helps us in the formation of strong bones.
  • Because of its vitamin D content, it helps calcium being absorbed better.
  • Because of its vitamin B12 content, being a food of animal origin, it helps prevent anemia.
  • It protects the skin, helps keep it healthy, protecting us from toxins and aging, because it contains vitamin A.

Cheese in the kitchen

Some recipes.

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22 November, 2021

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