Non-caloric sweeteners

Sweeten without calories

What are non-caloric sweeteners?

noncaloric sweeteners
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Non-caloric sweeteners are natural or artificial substances that, compared to sucrose (table sugar), have a much higher sweetening power, while their caloric content, a difference from this, is much lower – or zero.

Although their sweetening power is much higher, they have the peculiarity that after a certain dose, the sweetening power remains constant.

Currently, these sweeteners are combined with sugar to achieve a much greater sweetening power.


What foods contain non-caloric sweeteners

Sugar-free drinks, low-calorie drinks, desserts, spreads, industrial jams, jellies, sweet-sour preserves, mustard sauce, snacks, alcoholic beverages, fruit preserves, sweets, chewing gum, ice cream.

Other food noncaloric sweeteners that are commonly used in food:

– Acesulfame-K E 950

– Aspartame properties

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10 December, 2023

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