How much fish, eggs or meat do children need?

How much animal protein do children need?


How much fish, meat or eggs do boys or girls need?

Eggs in a street market

Eggs in a street market

The rations of products of animal origin depend on the age of the boy or girl. In general, we can say that these will increase by an amount of about 10 grams per year

In what quantity would we establish each ration?

  • A child of 3 years will take in each main meal about 50 g of fish or meat.
  • At 4 years the rations will be 60g.
  • At 5 years it can be increased to 70g.
  • At 6 years it is recommended about 80 g per serving.
  • At 7 years, a maximum of 90g.

Egg consumption will be two to three per week.

How many servings should they take per day?

A total of 2 to 3 daily servings of meat, fish or eggs are required. For example, a tuna sandwich for breakfast, battered fish to eat and a serving of potato omelette at night.

nutrients characteristics

Characteristics of nutrients

child feeding course sign

Child feeding course index

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8 February, 2023

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