Fenugreek sprouted salad




– Arugula leaves

Lettuce leaves

– Fresh tomato

– Fenugreek sprouts

– Seasoning traditional mustard sauce

Extra virgin olive oil

– Vinegar of Modena


– How to obtain fenugreek sprouts:

– Between 4-6 days before doing this dish, moisturize the whole fenugreek seeds : put them in water for 12 hours at room temperature (20 º C approx.), Away from direct sunlight.

– Drain the seeds and place in sprouter or in a bowl of water for seed germination.

How to prepare the salad:

– Wash and cut the lettuce leaves.

– Wash the rocket leaves and chop the larger.

– Wash the tomatoes and cut into small squares or wedges

– Mix the lettuce and arugula leaves and place in the base of the salad.

– Arrange the tomato wedges decoratively.

– Place the sprouted fenugreek over salad.

– Mix 2 tablespoons of oil, half a teaspoon of mustard and a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar.

– Dress the salad with the above mixture.


This salad is particularly spicy, because some sulfur compounds called glucosinolates. These substances are characteristic in all cruciferous vegetables, such as arugula, mustard, watercress and radishes. Scientific studies show that these compounds possess potent anticancer properties.

The spicy flavor in traditional Chinese medicine provides heat to the body and protects the liver. Suitable for people with cholesterol.

Fenugreek sprouts provide energy to the body. The macrobiotic cooking includes these sprouted foods daily in their menus, They have shown to contain a big amount of vitamins and nutrients (essential fatty acids) very important.

The lettuce has sedative and tonic and soothing components, carotenoids and antioxidant vitamins.

This salad is therefore ideal for winter and spring, because it heats and purifies the body.

punto rojoMore information on fenugreek recipes .

This article was endorsed by Elisenda Carballido - Dietitian nutritionist. Postgraduate in Phytotherapy and master in Nutrition and Metabolism.
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13 November, 2021

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