Dinner importance

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Dinner function


What is dinner?

Dinner is the meal we have in the evening or at night. It depends on the countries, dinner is done sooner or later.

In the center of Europe, people usually have dinner very early (around 7 p.m.).

In Mediterranean countries, they have dinner much later (around 9 or 10 at night).

What is dinner for?

Dinner is important for our body to recover strength late in the day.

Also, to have energy during the hours we sleep and, specially, to rest well.

Unlike lunch, it should be a light meal.

We must not eat fried food for dinner. Instead of it, raw or cooked vegetables dishes are preferred.

What foods are suitable for dinner?


Vegetables have to be considered the main food group for dinner

  • Vegetable food is the most important one for dinner. You should eat vegetables every night, because they have many minerals and vitamins that make the body recover from the physical and mental activities of the day.

Cooked vegetables are best, but you can have them in different combinations: vegetable soup, vegetable cream, raw vegetables, mashed potatoes, salad, boiled leeks…

We can grate them, or bake them, even to combine them with a few croutons (fried bread) in creams, for example.

  • As in the other meals, man feeds mainly on cereals: do not forget them! You can accompany your meal of bread, mashed potatoes, some pasta or rice in a soup…

  • You can have fried food some day, but it should not be included every night. We have to eat it sparingly.

  • If we accompany our dinner with a salad, we will have more vitamins.

  • For dessert we will choose a fruit or yogurt.


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  • Dinner is important for the body to recover and have energy while sleeping.

  • Have a balanced dinner to rest well!

  • It is the ideal meal of the day to eat vegetables, a group of very healthy foods, very important for growth.

  • It must be a full meal as lunch, but softer: we can not eat too many foods for dinner.

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22 April, 2019

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