Plant foods with medicinal properties

How to keep healthy with plant superfoods

What foods should be eaten frequently for good health?

It is important to usually enter foods with medicinal properties in our diet.

This type of food, known as “superfoods” or “medicinal-foods”, are the ones who must always be kept in mind.

What are medicinal foods?

They are plant foods which, besides providing many nutrients, they also contain other components with a proven healing power.

An example of food as medicine?


Photo of onions, a “medicinal-food”

Such is the case, for example, with onions, widely used in many recipes and whose medicinal properties to improve circulation or its role as a natural antibiotic has been widely recognized.

Most of these foods are very common foods in the diet of many people, whose use in the kitchen has been passed from generation to generation.

How often should we eat these kind of foods?

These foods should be eaten regularly. By means of forming part of many daily dishes, they will be involved in recovering and maintaining health, protecting us against many diseases.

Aren’t many of these foods too exotic to get them?


Photo of walnuts, a medicinal fruit usually eaten to fight cholesterol

Medicinal plant foods are not necessarily exotic. There are foods with healing properties that can be considered exotic for a given population.

For example, eating durian, a fruit from the Indonesian jungle, is an exotic (and very expensive !) way of fighting against cholesterol for a person living in Europe or in America.

It is not at all exotic for someone living in these places to usually eat some walnuts to face cholesterol. In fact, walnuts can be easily accessible and very common in most countries around the world

Eating food as medicine, a return to traditional food

Eating plant foods with medicinal benefits is ultimately a return to the food our grandfathers and grandmothers cooked.

We must recover that food based on tradition whose dishes helped people stay strong for many years without so many medicines.

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This article was endorsed by Elisenda Carballido - Dietitian nutritionist. Postgraduate in Phytotherapy and master in Nutrition and Metabolism.
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29 January, 2024

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