Properties of durian


Durian, a very odd fruit

Durian (Durio zibethinus) is a fruit native to the rainforests of Indonesia. It is known for the singularity of its shell, which is thick with sharp spines, in addition to its pungent odor, which can often be unpleasant.

What are the main edible properties of durian?

Durian has been used in traditional medicine for various purposes:

Among its components, we should emphasize its thiol content, sulfur compounds that have beneficial effect on your heart. The same study suggests that this fruit is very appropriate for any balanced diet, and using it in our diet will help us prevent many diseases.

  • Against stress: It must be emphasized its contribution in tryptophan, important to combat stress. It is especially recommended in those on a raw food diet, in which the contribution of this amino acid is often deficient.

    durian fruto

    A detail of durian fruit

  • For athletes: Durian is a fruit nutritionally adequate for sport because it is an energizing food, rich in antioxidants, natural sugars and healthy fats.
  • For fever: decoctions of durian tender shoots and roots have been used against fever. It contains vitamin C and tannins, which contribute to the antipyretic action.
  • Against malaria: Durian bark juice is used to treat malaria.
  • Vermifuge properties: Durian fruit is used as an anthelmintic. According to writings of Padua et al. (1978) who reported that durian was a known anthelmintic remedy widely used in Malaysia.

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7 June, 2021

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