Properties of orange blossom honey

Characteristics and benefits of orange blossom honey

What is orange blossom honey?

It is the honey produced by the bees in the area of ​​the Spanish Levante when they suck the orange blossoms, that is to say the flowers of the citrus fruits, mainly lemon and orange trees.

orange blossom honey Orange blossom honey

Characteristics of orange blossom honey

It has a high amount of sugars that crystallize giving this product a high density. For this reason the orange blossom honey usually has a very solid texture.

Orange blossom honey is very well preserved without any added product or conservation technique. Due to its hardness, and especially in cool environments it is very compact and very difficult to apply.

If we want to modify its texture and make it more liquid, we can heat it to the bain Marie, without the temperature of the water reaches 40 ºC. When it becomes more liquid, it acquires a yellow color.

In general, it is a very natural honey, creamy, sweet and good odor (smell of the aroma of orange blossom)

Properties of orange blossom honey

Orange flowerOrange flower

The University of Valencia (Spain) has studied in depth the characteristics of this type of honey. In addition to all properties awarded to honey in general, it has been proven that orange blossom honey is especially sedative and relaxing.

The specific properties of this honey are given by the very properties of the flower of orange blossom from which the bees make this honey.

What is orange blossom used for?

It is recommended to buy it without pasteurizing, since the process of pasteurization diminishes its properties.

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30 July, 2021

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