How to buy probiotic supplements

Where to buy the best probiotic supplements for intestinal microbiota


What are probiotics and what are they used for?

Probiotic supplements are capsules containing live microorganisms and, if taken in certain quantities, have shown to improve the composition of the microbiota or gut flora and provide health benefits.

benefits of probiotic supplements

The benefits of probiotic supplements are very popular but there are many doubts about their properties and uses.

Mainly probiotics are administered to improve the composition of the microbiota or gut flora or to alleviate some side effects of medication.

Probiotic supplements for vaginal infections

Some treatments include using Lactobacillus capsules for the treatment of vaginal infections.

For this 1 capsule is introduced twice daily for 10 or 15 days. It is especially used in cases of recurrent infections or candidiasis, to improve the composition of the microbiota or vaginal flora.

Recently, It is being discovered many more possible benefits of probiotics since it is an issue still under investigation which there is more to study.

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Are probiotic yoghurts good?

Photo of yogurt with oatmeal

Photo of yogurt with oatmeal

Some foods contain some amount of probiotic bacteria, such as yogurt, bifidus yogurt or miso.

However, they are not considered good probiotics because many of the bacteria they contain die in the stomach, since they do not resist stomach acid.

The only way to ensure a sufficient supply of bacteria and this to arrive intact in the intestine is taking good probiotic supplements.

Buying probiotic supplements or bacteria

Where to buy probiotic supplements?

Probiotic supplements are available in pharmacies, drugstores or specialized nutrition stores.

Currently on the market there are many types of probiotics and some are not effective.

A good or effective probiotic supplement must meet the following characteristics:

– Contain a type of bacteria that are beneficial to the required situation.

– Contain an adequate amount of bacteria

Viable bacteria, enteric-coated to ensure that bacteria are not destroyed by stomach acids.

An inexperienced person may get confused and buy a supplement with probiotics inappropriate or ineffective, or it may even be contraindicated.

Diet as prebiotic treatment

In addition to taking supplements, to allow the proliferation of these bacteria in the gut a healthy diet is necessary to serve as food to these bacteria. That is, the composition of the intestinal microbiota depends on diet consumed.

The food of these bacteria is fermentable fiber that is contained in vegetables and tubers (prebiotic fibers). The diet should be rich in fruits, vegetables, tubers or grains (foods with fiber and starches) so that healthy bacteria can proliferate and colonize our intestines.

If the diet is unhealthy probiotic supplements are not effective.

By contrast, ingestion of high fat foods, pastries, cream, cakes, sausages, chips, snacks, cookies, castor oil, etc is not suitable It produces a deterioration of the healthy intestinal flora, which does not tolerate excess dietary fat.

Alcohol and tobacco also impair intestinal flora.

We recommend you consult a doctor as consumption of probiotics is not without contraindications.

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7 August, 2022

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