Properties of mid-afternoon snack

Characteristics and importance of mid-afternoon snack


What is the mid-afternoon snack?

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Fruits, nuts and dried fruit, healthy and energetic options for snack

The mid-afternoon snack is the meal that we do in the afternoon, usually between 4 and 5. British people call it “teatime”.

What is the mid-afternoon snack for?

This is a supplement to lunch.

It will give us additional energy to play, walk, run, read, study or work until dinner comes.

It is necessary to have it to avoid being too much hungry at dinner time.

What foods are suitable for mid-afternoon snack?

The mid-afternoon snack has to be similar to the mid-morning snack. The following advice should be taken into account:

  • It is ideal to take some fruit to obtain energy and vitamins quickly (juice, fruit salad, shakes, grated apples, pears,…)

  • A sandwich, some cereals or a few crackers are a good ally for the evening games and sports.

  • If you also take any dairy product, like a fruit shake, milk, yogurt or cheese, you will help your bones to become stronger.

We can take three or only two of these food groups, especially if we’re not really hungry. However, it is important to notice that, on days we do sports, we will eat foods of the three types. There are many possible combinations, so that mid-afternoon snack can be fun as well as healthy.


Mid-afternoon snack foods recommended


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  • Mid-afternoon snack is important because it provides you with the suitable nutrients to grow and to do your activities during the afternoon. It will also help you study well, and concentrate better.

  • Mid-afternoon snack must consist of food belonging to one the the three following food groups: cereals or bread, fruit and milk. If you are not really hungry, you can take foods only from two of these groups, but, if your are doing sports, you will have to take from all three.

  • There are many possible combinations of food from food groups: sandwiches, shakes, fruit, bread,… Imagination to power!

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22 April, 2019

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