Medicinal properties of walnut tree


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Internal use preparations with walnuts leaves, oil and fruits

– Diarrhea: Walnut leaves, on account of their content in tannins, are astringent and they can be used to combat diarrhea (Decoction of a spoonful of dry crumbled leaves in a glass of water during 10 minutes. Drink a couple of glasses a day).

– Perspiration: This same preparation can be used to treat the excess of perspiration.

Intestinal worms: Walnut oil has been used to expel tapeworms. (At the evening meal, seasoning a dish of boiled potatoes with 60 g of walnut oil)

Hypothyroidism: Walnuts contain components that stimulate the production of thyroid hormones. (Decoction of 4 nuts per liter of water for 20 minutes. Drink two cups daily. Eat fresh nuts or nut oils used raw in salads)

External use preparations with walnuts leaves and shucks

Walnuts are very rich in juglone contained in the leaves and shucks of walnut fruits. This is an astringent, antifungicide and antiseptic substance which can be used as vulnerary and germicidal as follows:

In the external treatment of the skin. It can be used to treat the skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, herpes, dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, spots, itching, etc. (Infusion of a handful of dry leaves in a litter of water. Apply a wet bandage on the affected area) (Pour a handful of dry leaves in the water of the bath)

– For the treatment of scabies carry out a decoction of a handful of cracked shucks in a litter of water until the water diminishes a 50%. Wash the affected area with the resulting liquid)

– For the treatment of acne signs (pustules, pimples, etc) (10% infusion of dried leaves in a litter of water. Apply wet compresses on the affected area)

Chilblains: Walnut is used to stimulate the circulation in the feet or hands when chilblains have occurred.

(Make a decoction with a handful of dried leaves for a liter of water. Pour the contents into a pan and add water until warm without stirring. Fill another bowl with cold water. Mix them and pour in the water of the bath. Take alternative baths with a duration of about 2 minutes in hot water and about 20 seconds in cold one)

In the care of hair: These same properties can be used for the external treatment of hair. An application of the previous infusion on the hair will help us to prevent its fall, preventing baldness. Juglone constitutes a very used tint in cosmetic industry.

Treatment of vaginal infections: A vaginal wash with this infusion helps to eliminate the microorganisms causing vaginal flux.

Affections in the respiratory tract: The astringent and germicidal properties of this plant can be profited to carry out gargles to treat affections of the respiratory tract such as sore throat or pharyngitis

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19 March, 2019

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