Japanese loquat in other names

How to say Japanese loquat in other languages?

Japanese loquat in Spanish, French, German, Italian…

Common English name: Japanese loquat, Japanese medlar, medlar-tree, Japanese plum, loquat, stinking toe…

Common name in other languages:

– Spanish: Nisperero de Japón (tree) níspero, níspola o níspera de Japón, ciruela japonesa (fruit)

Japanese loquat– Catalan: nisprer, Nesprer or nespler del Japó

– Gallego: nespereira do Xapon

– Euskara: mizpirondo Japoniar

– Portuguese: nespereira Japan Square, ameixa-amarela

– French: bibassier du Japon, bibace, néflier du Japon

– Italian: nespola Giapponese

– German: Japanische Wollmispel, Loquate, japanische mispe

  • Scientific name: Eriobotrya japonica

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29 February, 2024

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