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Porridge or Kashas are traditional food from Russia and Caucasus regions. This grain is common in the diet of these countries to the point of being part, as in the case of this recipe, of breakfast.

There are many variations of recipes of buckwheat porridge. It can be prepared with whole grains and very boiled, or with buckwheat flour. In some regions, it is prepared with milk, while in others it is boiled and seasoned with butter, yogurt (common in Caucasian regions), or simply by adding sugar at the end of the preparation.

It’s a recipe the Western or the inhabitants of warm and Mediterranean areas are not used to, even in the countries of Eastern and Northern Europe, it is a delicacy, delicious for breakfast or snack. Similar to the well-known rice pudding, the texture is thick and with very warm flavor and aroma thanks to the touch of cinnamon and cooked cereal.

You can also prepare salted Kashas (porridge).

When the desired taste is obtained, this recipe is an excellent breakfast and gluten free!


– 1 cup of crumpled buckwheat*

* In traditional porridge dishes, grain is ground to convert it into large pieces. It can be prepared with whole grains, but it will be less thick.

– 2 tablespoons butter

– 2 tablespoons brown sugar

– 1 and ½ cup milk

Lemon zest

Orange zest

– A stick of cinnamon

– 2 cloves, 2 cardamon berries,… (spice to taste).



– Wash buckwheat grain in water 3 times to dislodge any dust that may contain. Crush it to break some grains.

– Toast the buckwheat grains with the butter and sugar. Stir thoroughly to coat all the grains well.

– Add the milk and lemon zest, orange, spices and cook over medium heat. This grain has a very mild flavor. It is very soft, and, only with this smell, this recipe gives us sweetness and heat. Ideal for winter.

– Remove very carefully. Firing takes about 20-30 minutes. Porridge is characterized by long cooking.

– Remove the cinnamon stick and serve it in individual bowls.

– Serve hot as breakfast or snack. It may also be allowed to cool and store in refrigerator. It is eaten as breakfast or as a dessert similar to rice pudding.

Properties of kasha:

Despite the thick texture and color, it is a traditional DELICIOUS recipe, sweet and warm, perfect for cold winter cure. The long cooking makes it an easy to digest food, so it is a recipe suitable for children, youth and convalescent adults, listless or tired.

As breakfast or snack, it is a recipe with all essential amino acids, vitamin B12 and zinc, nutrients often deficient in unbalanced vegetarian diets.

In short, a delicious recipe that gives us sweetness and satiety. The fiber content and grain starches prevent us to take something between meals or look for some sweet flavor in other foods.

It is also a recipe suitable for coeliacs.

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22 April, 2019

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