Matcha tea ice cream




– 20 g. Green tea Matcha powder (you can buy in supermarkets or food stores Oriental products)

– Infusion of peppermint (only 20 ml.)

– 100 g. of double cream.

– 3 eggs

– 80 g. sugar

– 75 g. white chocolate (optional)

– 100 g. black chocolate 80 % (Optional)


– Beat the eggs with half the sugar until a smooth dough is formed.

– Prepare the infusion with 200 ml. of water and 15 g of. dried mint. Let stand 4 minutes and grab only the dose needed to dilute the tea Matcha (20 ml.)

– Add to the mix egg and sugar (which we have previously diluted with a little infusion of peppermint )

– Split the chocolate into pieces and mix with eggs and sugar.

– Whip the cream with half the sugar and add to the above mixture, stirring carefully.

– Place in a container and freeze for at least 6 hours.

– It is not necessary mixing during the freezing process.

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22 April, 2019

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