Properties of Matcha tea


What is Matcha tea?

Matcha tea is a type of Japanese green tea, which is traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremony. Also known as ” tea powder “ Tencha o Hiki – cha tea. This tea is mainly produced in the region of Uji (Japan).

Matcha this tea is made from tea leaves that grow in the shade, the same that are used for Gyokuro tea. These leaves grown with little sunshine have a very low caffeine content and are rich in polyphenol antioxidants.

Because tea is grown in the shade, its cost is high, being one of the most expensive teas in Japan, along with tea Gyokuro.

The infusion is bright green, frothy and with a strong flavor. It is highly prized in Japan as a very refreshing and aromatic tea.

Sometimes tea powder is mixed with other types of tea to empower their taste, such as in genmaicha tea.

Matcha tea or green powder tea

Photo of matcha green powder tea

Matcha tea production

Matcha tea powder is literally not an extract, so all tea leaves components are consumed when drinking this type of tea, consequently it will give you all the benefits of green tea. (* More information: Properties of green tea in the listing below)

The real Matcha is expensive. The process involves grinding, with the help of stone mills or grinders, Tencha tea (which has been subjected to the Shadow 20 days from harvest to improve its sensory properties) .

Matcha types can be found in Oriental stores, but it may contain additives such as dextrose (glucose powder), as they are usually intended for the preparation of cakes, truffles, etc..

Matcha Tea uses in food

Matcha Tea is also used in cooking, and this is one of its main advantages over other teas. It has the property of dissolving in water (by mass of pasta, cakes, cookies, etc..) And it gets a very deep green tinting.

Matcha tea is used In preparing Matcha tea ice cream and tea truffles.

Matcha infusion

Photography of Matcha infusion and the spoon showing the tea powder.

How to prepare Matcha tea?


– At 80 º C, infuse a teaspoon of Matcha tea leaves (4 – 5g.). Never boil them.

– Cover and let stand 2 minutes.

– Serve hot with no milk.

Tea truffles

Tea truffles recipe

* More information: How to prepare a good tea.

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25 June, 2021

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