Red tea to lose weight

(Camellia sinensis )



Red tea is a stimulating drink that, like all teas, is obtained from the leaves of the tea plant (Camellia sinensis).

Actually, red tea is green tea, which, after processing it, remains in a barrel and it is inoculated with selected bacteria to ferment for months or so (some types of red teas even for decades)

Why is tea slimming?

How to loose weight with a red tea slimming plan
How to lose weight with a red tea slimming plan

Red tea contains a number of slimming principles:

Caffeine: Caffeine (= theine)is a natural stimulant of metabolism, which helps burning body fat.

Catechins: They are tea components, which are mostly found in green tea (epigallocatechin gallate), with slimming or thermogenic properties that enhance the effect of caffeine in addition to their antioxidant effects.

Red tea is highly recommended because it has undergone a fermentation process, which has released more caffeine. This means that red tea brings green tea catechins, but with higher stimulant properties.

Minerals: Tea minerals, such as potassium or magnesium , contribute with their diuretic properties that help the body to eliminate fluids and toxins. These components increase the potential of red tea as an ally in cleansing diets.

Tannins: Tea tannins do not have slimming properties, but they help prevent cravings because they regulate the absorption of caffeine, which will get the same stimulant effects of caffeine, without causing anxiety or nervousness.

Slimming plan with red tea

Morning: Hot infusion of red tea for breakfast.

All day: Prepare red tea infusions (25g.) in a jar with 200 ml. of water. Let stand 4 minutes. Place in a pot with 1 kg of ice. Store in the fridge and go drinking all day. You can also choose to make hot teas throughout the day.

It is preferable to prepare tea without sugar (you can use stevia or a sweetener).

Night : From mid-afternoon on one should have drank all tea.. Stopping red tea and keep drinking water (at least 1 liter more).

Now it might be a good time for a cleansing herbal tea to complement the effects of red tea. We suggest some of these plants: rosemary, nettle, horsetail , dandelion, etc..

Physical activity: Any weight loss plan should include a time of daily physical activity to avoid rebound effects. Red tea has stimulant properties that help improve physical endurance exercise.

Diet: It is advisable to accompany this remedy on a diet to lose weight. Increase intake of plant foods and reducing meat intake. It Is preferable cooking with little oil oft cooking methods (boiled steam, etc.).

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4 May, 2021

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