Foods quite high in carbohydrates

Foods quite high in hydrates from higher to lower amount (Between 10 and a 20% of total weight)
Pineapples in syrup 20.20%
Boiled potatoes 20.00%
Peaches in syrup 19.94%
Beans 19.56%
Fresh figs 19.18%
Almonds 19.60%
Peeled potatoes 17.90%
Fresh grapes 17.70%
Mango 17.00%
Hazelnuts 16.70%
Cherries 16.55%
Black currants 15.38%
Apples with skin 15.25%
Fresh coconuts 15.23%
Pears 15.11%
Peeled apples 14.84%
Kiwis 14.80%
Fresh peas 14.46%
Pinions 14.22%
Red currants 13.80%
Pecans 13.80%
Plums 13.01%
Brazil nuts 12.80%
Pineapples 12.39%
Nectarines 11.78%
Macadamias 13,38%
Nuts 13.70%
Pumpkins (seeds) 13.43%
Blackberries 12.70%
Apricots 11.12%
Peaches 11.10%
Hemp seed 10.90%
Artichokes 10.50%
Oranges 10.50%
Carrots 10.40%
raspberries 10.00%

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22 April, 2019

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