Matcha tea truffles recipe




(For 8-10 truffles):

– 20 g. Green tea Matcha powder (you can buy in supermarkets or food stores Oriental products)

– 50 g. of cream

– 20 g. butter

– 150 g. white chocolate

– Wide and short mold to cool the mass of truffles in the freezer

– Defatted Cocoa powder for coating truffles

Green tea truffles with chocolate

Picture of green tea truffles coated with pure cocoa powder


– Heat the cream with the chocolate and butter over medium – low heat, without allowing it to boil.

– Stir to melt and form a homogeneous mixture.

– Add two tablespoons (20 g. Approx.) of Matcha tea. Depending on the quality of Matcha we purchase, it may be more or less bitter.

– Stir to mix all ingredients.

– Pour the dough into a wide and short mold for truffles.

– Allow to stand at room temperature until warm and cool in the freezer for 6 hours.

Tea truffles

Tea truffles

To cover with cocoa:

– In a bowl put pure chocolate powder.

– With the help of a hot knife (to prevent sticking), cut the truffles the size we want and mould them with your hands in the shape you want (or squares).

– Batter with cocoa powder or sprinkle with Matcha tea.

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22 April, 2019

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