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What is golden milk of turmeric?

golden milk of turmeric
Photo of the recipe, golden milk of turmeric

Golden milk is a very rich drink, since it contains an infusion of aromatic spices in coconut milk, to which is added turmeric.

Because it is a new recipe, exist a lot of different preparations. The goal of all of them is to take an abundant amount of turmeric, for its anti-inflammatory, liver, immunomodulatory, antidepressant and antioxidant properties.

It is highly recommended, for example, in cases of arthritic pain or when menstrual pain appears.

Ingredients of golden milk of turmeric

Although it is called milk, it does not contain any type of dairy product. The main ingredient in golden milk is usually coconut milk, which is heated and mixed with a generous amount of turmeric and black pepper. Black pepper is necessary because it increases the absorption of curcuminoids (they are active ingredients in turmeric).

Generally, a turmeric and pepper-based mash is prepared with water. This is heated until it thickens, and later a few tablespoons of virgin coconut oil are added to form a mash. This is taken daily, 1 tablespoon diluted in coconut milk.

The mixture is somewhat bitter, to improve its flavor spices such as cinnamon, lemon or ginger are usually added.

Preparation of turmeric paste for golden milk

tumeric with pepper
Pepper increases the absorption of the active ingredients of turmeric

First the turmeric mash is prepared with:

  • 3 tablespoons of turmeric, approximately 40 g
  • 1 teaspoon of black pepper, 5 g approx.
  • Half a glass of water, about 120 ml
  • 3 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil, about 40 g

First a mash is formed with turmeric, pepper and water, which is added little by little, while it is stirring.

The mixture is cooked over very low heat and stirring constantly, until the paste solidifies.

When this is solid, turn off the heat and add the virgin coconut oil. Mix until a homogeneous mash is formed. This can be kept refrigerated for a week.

Preparing the golden milk to drink

The preparation of the golden milk is very simple, you simply have to heat the coconut milk with spices to taste and add 1 teaspoon of the turmeric paste previously prepared. Dilute and serve.

The coconut milk is very tasty when it is prepared with lemon peel and cinnamon.

This preparation can be used for many other recipes, such as curry sauce.

Why is it made with virgin coconut oil?

Virgin coconut oil is always added because fat is needed to assimilate curcuminoids (the active ingredients in turmeric are fat soluble). Therefore, if you want a recipe with the properties of turmeric, you should add a teaspoon of oil to the preparation.

Virgin coconut oil is assimilated very quickly, because the type of fats it contains are better absorbed than the omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids from seeds. However, healthy people can assimilate any type of oil, so this type of fat is not essential.

Can you prepare golden milk with other vegetable drinks?

Yes, you can prepare golden milk with other vegetable drinks such as oatmeal, rice or almond drinks.

Does turmeric milk have properties?

The rise of these types of remedies arose from the benefits of turmeric, which has proven to be one of the best anti-inflammatories. This recipe is touted for its health properties, primarily as a liver and cancer remedy.

It can be used in liver cleansing diets, or during inflammatory periods such as premenstrual syndrome or arthritic pain.

However, there are some reasons to question whether the regular or daily use of this type of preparation is appropriate.

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10 July, 2021

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