Turmeric toxicity


Turmeric rhizomes
In the picture: dried rhizomes of turmeric

Is turmeric toxic?

No, turmeric is not a supplement or toxic seasoning. Several studies have shown no toxicity of turmeric even with very high doses (8 g.).

  • In a report it is reported that supplementation of 1.5g. turmeric twice daily increased heart rate to a patient.

Dose of Turmeric

  • The most common therapeutic dose of turmeric is between 400-600 mg. curcumin, three times daily

Turmeric has in its rhizomes between 4 and 5% curcumin. Therefore, the therapeutic dose corresponds to 60g. fresh turmeric root or 15g. solids.

Turmeric during pregnancy and lactation

Turmeric may have emmenagogue effect. Pregnant women are not recommended to take turmeric supplements.

There is insufficient information to determine the safety of turmeric during lactation.

 Before taking turmeric

  • Do not take high doses of curcumin: although they have not shown toxic effects of this supplement, turmeric is effective in therapeutic doses. Its toxicity is still under study, so it is not recommended to increase the dose.
  • Turmeric to treat cancer or to relieve symptoms of anticancer drugs: turmeric has shown positive effects in these applications, though a very strict medical supervision is necessary. Ask your oncologist before taking turmeric.
  • Jaundice and liver disorders: please consult your doctor to determine the severity of illness before starting supplementation with turmeric. Turmeric is a good supplement for liver treatments, but the disease should be considered according to medical criteria.
  • You should not take turmeric if you have gallstones. Turmeric has components that stimulate the output of these stones, and can cause blockage of the bile ducts.

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11 December, 2020

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