Is turmeric good in infusions?

Is infused turmeric good?

¿Turmeric is better in powder or supplement than in infusion?

The infusion is not a good way to take this medicinal plant. Turmeric is best eaten whole as a powdered spice or as a supplement, in extract.

Why are turmeric infusions NOT recommended?

turmeric powder
Turmeric powder

The medicinal principles of turmeric (curcuminoids) are poorly soluble in water and therefore few components are found in the water of a turmeric infusion.

How is it better to take turmeric?

Curcuminoids are fat soluble, that is, soluble in fats.

For this reason it is recommended to eat the powdered plant, as a spice, because that way more principles are consumed.

Also, adding a little oil to foods with turmeric increases the absorption of turmeric (because curcuminoids are absorbed with fats).

Another note: black pepper increases the absorption of the medicinal principles of turmeric.

Is turmeric milk good?

Golden milk is a recipe that is promoted for its health properties, mainly as a remedy for the liver and against cancer.

This preparation has become very popular since the rise of the benefits of turmeric, which has proven to be one of the best anti-inflammatory plants. However, there are some reasons to question whether it is appropriate to take these types of preparations regularly, since it is not clear that they have health or medicinal properties.

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9 July, 2021

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