Properties of almond milk


What is almond milk?

Bebida de almendrasAlmond milk is a drink of vegetable origin, made from almonds (Prunus amygdalus). The correct name is almond drink or vegetable almond drink, since the word milk is only used for the mammary secretions of mammals.

In Latin it is known as amygdalate (almond and milk), and historically this drink had been consumed throughout Europe and East Asia.

It is sold liquid, powder or paste, ready to prepare.

Properties of almond drink

Traditionally, this delicious drink has been used as a restorative food, very suitable for hot months, because it provides a large amount of electrolytes such as potassium and some vitamins, especially group B vitamins such as thiamine and niacin.

It is ideal for after exercise because it helps to recover the minerals lost by sweating.

The almond drink contains mainly water, being an excellent refreshing and hydrating natural drink.

Sometimes it is prepared with honey or syrups, rich in sugars. The healthiest way to sweeten it is to beat a fruit or add cinnamon.

In general, the almond drink is a food of easy energy absorption. Regarding its nutritional composition, almond drink provides little fiber, little fat, and little calcium, magnesium and vitamin E, because these components are not soluble and remain in the almonds. To obtain these nutrients, almonds should be eaten whole.

Does almond milk have a lot of calcium?

No, even if it comes from almonds, which are rich in calcium, almond drink is not rich in calcium, except if it is enriched.

If what you want is a diet rich in calcium or a healthy diet for the bones, you should eat whole almonds, which do provide a lot of calcium, as well as protein, essential fatty acids, fiber, magnesium and folic acid.

What is almond milk used for?

It is mainly used as a substitute for milk, for people with a milk allergy or an intolerance to any of its components.

In hospitals it is sometimes used in post-operative diets, due to its easy digestion.

This product is common among celiac consumers, for whom dairy products often cause digestive discomfort.

Does almond milk make you fat?

Almond drink is the vegetable drink that contains the most healthy fats, although its content is not very high nor does it add many calories to the diet.

What should be of concern about this food is its sugar and syrup content, since many times they are ingredients that are added to improve its flavor.

In 1 glass of vegetable drink you can find up to 20g of sugar, more than what 1 large apple contains.

There is no problem with consuming this drink, but if it is taken, it is recommended that it be enriched in calcium so that at least it contributes a nutritional value to the diet. Calcium is added in the form of calcium carbonate or sometimes in the form of algae (Lithothamnium calcareum).

The unenriched drink is very rich in sugar and poor in vitamins and minerals.

Likewise, people who want to lose weight or who have diabetes should bear in mind that this type of drink is rich in sugars.

Almond cream to prepare

Almond cream is a very sweet paste made with sugar or honey and almond paste. It dissolves in one or two teaspoons in hot water and liquid is added to complete the cup.

This preparation is sometimes called an almond drink, and some people drink it because there is a myth that it is a good source of calcium. As we will see, not only does it not contain calcium but it is also not recommended.

It contains mainly sugar (up to 80% of the product) and very little almond paste (approximately 20% of the product).

It is a food with little nutritional value and a lot of sugar that is not recommended and its consumption should be avoided.

Contraindications of almond milk

The almond drink is not recommended for people with soy allergy or nut allergy. In cases of allergy, it is advisable to read the label of these products carefully, as they may contain traces of other nuts and soy.

Some almond creams prepared to dilute contain milk and cannot be taken by those allergic to milk, so the label should be consulted carefully.

Which almond milk is the best?

It is better to use the one enriched with calcium. Substituting cow’s milk for almond drink in the diet is an important change at a nutritional level.

This vegetable drink is very low in calcium, an essential mineral for strong bones, so you should look for those brands with extra calcium intake.

Calcium-enriched almond drink has a higher magnesium, potassium and trace element content than milk, being a highly recommended food for people with osteoporosis, hypertension, fluid retention and athletes.

Nutritional composition of almond drink


Almond powderUnenriched almond drink
Calories (kcal.)44074
Carbohydrates (g.)65,610,5 alto
Proteins (g.)12,81,6
Fats (g.)13,92,8
Fiber (g.)3,20,3bajo
Calcium (mg.)20014bajo
Cholesterol (mg.)00
Sodium (mg.)0,04<1
Phosphorus (mg.)240

Caption: alto= High content; bajo = Low contribution

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2 December, 2023

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