Characteristics of narcotics

Effects and uses of narcotics


What are narcotics?

Poppy flower ( Papaver somniferum)
Poppy flower ( Papaver somniferum)

Narcotics are those substances which produce stupor, That’s to say a kind of personal clumsiness, drowsiness and lack of interest in the outside world.

Also known as opioids because they include opium, which is extracted from the capsule of poppy or Papaver somniferum L., and all its derivatives.

Narcotic drugs effects

Its function takes place because they act on the central nervous system depressing it. Its mode of action is similar to that of the enkephalins, a type of endorphins or compounds produced by the body itself to eliminate pain. Hence, his administration has any immediate effects for the elimination of pain. At the same time, they produce a feeling of pleasure that is what determines that some people decide to take it as a drug of abuse.

Among all them there is morphine, produced by synthesis in the early nineteenth century by a German pharmacist named FWA Setürner; heroin, produced from morphine, and later products as codeine or propoxyphene.

Uses of narcotics

Basically, medical narcotics are used to remove pain. They also have the property of being anti-diarrhea and of decreasing bowel movements, even astringents in prolonged use. They are also used as cough suppressants to stop coughing.

Dangers of narcotics

Like the other drugs they are highly addictive, especially when used intravenously, so its use should be under strict medical supervision, avoiding the temptation to use them to reduce depression or anxiety or to provide personal pleasure.

The United Nations warned in a statement on March 2, 2005 how drug sales online is increasing and the risks that this lack of control involves.

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22 April, 2019

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