Characteristics of drugs

What are drugs?

It is known as “drug”, a substance that acts on the central nervous system and produces a series of physical or psychological changes, or a different perception of reality.

From a medical perspective, drugs would be considered as medicines or drugs, this being those substances that are able to cure or prevent disease. Most of these substances derive from plants, but can also be obtained from animals or by synthesis.

From a legal standpoint, it is considered that a drug substance, not being used for medical purposes, is illegal, that’s to say, it can’ t be produced or consumed.

How do drugs act?

The drugs produce changes in the central nervous system. These substances act on the nerve cells, called neurons, altering their functioning. In general, these changes are translated in a series of pleasant sensations in the organism that are, in most occasions, those that induce to repeat the consumption of these products. As it is consumed, the three phenomena that characterize the drug addiction process take place:

  • Dependency: defined as the urgent necessity to consume a substance that is rated as the most important thing for the life of a drug user.
  • Tolerance: The need for increasing doses of the drug so that it produces the desired effects.
  • Addiction: It is the need for the drug so the person can be either physically or psychologically “fine”. The intensity of this phenomenon depends on the addictiveness of each drug. Sometimes they manifest in the form of psychological need, sometimes in the form of psychic necessity and sometimes both ways.

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The material here is an informative work. The production, use or sale of most of the substances described herein is prohibited by law in many countries. “Botanical” is not intended to encourage the use of these substances but simply to inform. Please, before taking any initiative, consult with the relevant legislation of each country. At the same time, we warn the readers that the use of most of these substances can cause serious risks to physical and psychological health of consumers.

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22 April, 2019

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