Tofu recipe

How to make tofu at home?

Ingredients per kilo:

– 2 kilos of soybeans.

– 50 g of calcium sulfate.

– 20 liters of water.


foto de bloque de tofu blanco

White tofu, once done. It can be eaten in different ways

– Allow the soybeans to soak overnight.

– Grind them and add 20 liters of water, forming a liquid mixture

– Boil for 30 minutes in a tightly covered pot.

– Allow to cool until the temperature reaches 60 º C.

– Melt 50 grams of calcium sulfate in a tablespoon of water.

– Stir well the soybean paste shaking the pot by the handles.

– Add 50 g of calcium sulfate to coagulate soy milk.

– Filter cheese on top of a cloth to remove the serum.

– Place a wooden plate on the cheese and put a weight on top of it to completely remove the excess of liquid.

– Leave the cheese in a bowl of clear water for 30 minutes to clean thoroughly.

– Remove from water and place it into a serving dish.

quiche of tofu with vegetables

Suggested way of serving quiche of tofu with vegetables

Ways to serve it

– It has the same culinary possibilities that cheese made from cow’s milk.

For example, it can be used fresh in salads. It can be eaten fresh as a dessert.

You can make cakes or sweets and also you can also use it for cooking, fried, etc.

*Some tofu ways of cooking it :

Tofu quiche with vegetables

Tofu cocktail recipe

Tofunesa recipe

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22 April, 2019

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