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What is Raz-El-Hanout?

Raz-El-Hanout, also known as Ras El Hanout or Moroccan spice blend is a blend of traditional Moroccan spices.

The Arabic name Raz-El-Hanout means “head of the shop”, meaning that this is the highlight of the shop of the merchant, the most valuable thing the merchant in a shop can offer.

As with other popular blends. like garam masala or Indian Curry, this blend of aromas accepts many variations depending on the region in which it is prepared.

In general, it can be prepared with 4 or up to 30 different spices. Each vendor or cook is responsible for preparing their own mix, and ingredients and doses of each teacher are a real secret.

We propose to develop a Moroccan spice mixture with the following herbs, to introduce into your dish Tajine (typical Moroccan dish), couscous, mashed potatoes, creamed onions, rice or vegetables:

Ingredients Raz-El-Hanout

Cayenne pepper

Guinea pepper or grains of paradise


Black pepper

– Ground ginger

– Red chillies

– Grater galangal (Alpinia galanga)




– Cinnamon stick



– Dried rose petals

– Dried lavender flowers

– Iris root

– Some of these ingredients can be roasted in the pan, and simmer slightly, to demonstrate further aroma. It can be done with the coriander, cardamom whole berries, cloves, flower petals or pepper. You have to watch the grain of fenugreek, which can be over roasted, what normally implies being very bittering.

– The result is mixed with the other ingredients and ground with a mortar.

– Turmeric is added to the end of the preparation, not roasted.

Properties of Raz-El-Hanout

The spice blends are a cultural heritage, a very important nutrient for all civilizations, in spite of being less valued nowadays.

These fragrant spices have written the history of the modern world, through the Spice Route and the discovery of America (or New World). During the Middle Ages in Europe, spices were so important as to be considered money to pay taxes.

The Man would not be what it is today if not possessing this particular sense of taste for food or gastronomy. We are the only animal who cooks and prepares his/her food, and what better than a few grains of fragrance to convert a bowl of cereals into something sophisticated.

Currently, the amazing aromas that these spices can bring go unnoticed in societies where fast -food is so well established. However, these little ingredients provide a great aroma to our dishes as well as nutritional and medicinal virtues:

From a nutritional point of view, all the spices are rich in antioxidant and aromatic anticancer substances. We let you enjoy natural foods and discover new flavor combinations that will broaden your culinary horizons.

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22 April, 2019

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