Omelette with rocket leaves

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Omelette with rocket leaves

Ingredients for 1 person:

  • 1 egg

  • 3 cloves of garlic cut into thick slices

  • 100g of fresh arugula, washed and drained

  • Cheese (optional)

  • Extra virgin olive oil

  • Salt


  • Beat the egg with a pinch of salt, cheese (optional) and arugula leaves.

    Rockets must be cooked like spinach, and although you have added enough volume, they are always reduced by half.

  • In a skillet, saute the sliced garlic in olive oil over medium heat until browned. Do it slowly and add a pinch of salt.

  • Increase the intensity of the fire, and when hot (no smoke), add the beaten egg with the ingredients.

  • Lay down the omelette to be cooked well and serve in the dish.

Did you know…

Rockets have digestive properties, being a snack food that stimulates the appetite, and a natural protector against stomach ulcers and gastritis.

Furthermore, the substances responsible for their pungent flavor (reminiscent of mustard, of the same family) have anticancer properties.

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Properties of rocket omelette

– Omelettes are good protein sources that provide us with high biological value proteins. Although they have been criticized for their high cholesterol content (greater than 200mg/100g), the fact is that some of that cholesterol is counteracted by the lecithin contained in the the same egg.

– Garlic provides flavor to this dish, besides having allicin, allied to the blood circulation, and a powerful anti-cancer remedy.

– Rocket is a green leafy vegetable such as dandelion, which is characterized by containing many minerals and trace elements essential to the body (like all brassicas), plus vitamins (especially vitamin A and folic acid), and zeaxanthin and phytochemicals such as quercetin, potent natural antioxidants in cells.

* More information about “Properties of arugula” in the listing above.

– If we add cheese to the recipe, it will be creamy and will have an extra dose of protein and calcium.

In short, a nutritious meal that combines protein for a balanced diet.

It is suitable for diabetics, and ideal for introducing this vegetable to children.

However, this must be tempered in case of people with cholesterol who have to moderate egg consumption to 2-3 units a week, promoting the nuts and legumes in their diet.

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22 April, 2019

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