Agar agar gelatin recipe

How to prepare gelatin from agar agar



– A glass of lemon juice


– 2 tablespoons agar agar powder or agar agar strips

– Half cup sugar (use sweetener in case of diabetes)


– In a saucepan pour a glass of cold water.

– Add the agar agar and let soak for 5 minutes.

– In a saucepan bring to boil cups of water.

– Once you have reached the boil, pour over the agar agar and stir well until it has been undone. Boil agar agar for 10 minutes. Otherwise, if it is not boiled, lumps may remain in the gelatin.

– Add a glass of lemon juice.

– Allow to cool in the refrigerator (not freezer) to attain some consistency.

– Once showing a good consistency, but it has not been frozen, beat well with a hand blender to acquire a spongy texture.

– Place in the desired mold and let it cool to take on the shape of the mold.

Way to serve:

– It can be served as dessert or snack. Serve with slices of peeled fruit or accompanying yogurts, curds or custards.

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Article updated on: 22 April, 2019

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